Unexpected chance

Young and soft faces overwhelmed by struggles

Seasoned and scarred hearts see with experienced eyes


A flickering light puts out a message as moths fall

Orchids & Puddles

5000 miles away your daughter sends a picture to you of the colored orchid she sees growing in the wild.
He sees a puddle then looks at her and smiles as he jumps and splashes her with the water. 

Beautiful & Ugly

Everything is good and what I’ve dreamed
Everything is wrong and not what we ever dreamed

Missing Myself

“I’m so sorry I haven’t written sooner but I’ve been far away and got lost a bit in my travels.”

A Pane Apart

You’re staring through the window pane

Blind to me, I’m not yet to be

A Perfect Family

By definition you can not have perfect with difference.
The Irony of it all is without difference you can not have perfection.