Canine Heroes

In light of the many different headlines about natural disasters, tragedy, and conflict across our nation and the world, I felt the need to shine a light on those that run toward the danger alongside our human heroes. As far back as events have been recorded you will find dogs in the heart of a rescue story. They are driven by selfless courage the same as our human heroes. Unbreakable bonds like no other are formed between a canine hero and their partner. They work tirelessly at the forefront of all disasters, to the point of utter exhaustion with no regard for their own lives, until their mission is complete. Countless lives have been saved because of a dogs intelligence, bravery and love for humankind.

Search and Rescue dogs of United States      United States War Dogs

Love and Respect these unsung Humble Heroes



  1. Absolutely fabulous pictures. I’m glad I found your site.

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  2. Scottie says:

    The non-humans in our lives can be the best thing for us. Each has its own personality and talents. I call our two cats our furry four legged family members. Hugs

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    1. Noel Hartem says:

      so very true indeed.

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  3. aguycalledbloke says:

    Totally fantastic post with awesome images Noellie 🙂

    Our four legged friends are the most reliable compasnions we are ever likely to have.

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    1. Noellie says:

      never truer words have been spoken

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  4. aguycalledbloke says:

    Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    Canine Heros – aint that a truth!

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  5. Noellie says:

    Thank you. This is one of my favorite posts because, of course, it involves dogs.


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