Mimosa Tree

It is also called the Happiness Tree because of its use in traditional Chinese medicine.

Nautical Dogs

Four different breeds of dog that all enjoy the water and a leisure boat ride.

Major & Terra

It wasn’t that long ago I was wiping sticky fingers off my truck windows and crumbs from the back seat. Now I find myself cleaning dog drool and sand from all windows and surfaces. Times have changed but the chores have not.

Beach beauties

Its a strange mix of emotions that stir inside of me when I walk alone listening to laughter that still lingers in the blowing reeds and lapping waves.

The big thaw

Today it was 60 and sunny with no chill factor unless you put ice in your tea.


Fragrant steam rises

Palms cradle a porcelain bowl

Canine Heroes

They are driven by selfless courage the same as our human heros

Beach Finds

I took advantage of this record breaking February weather and found a treasure trove of beauty and serenity.