Silent Wishes

I’m tired

When does the cycle end

I stood up and walked away

Thought I cut the remaining cord

Yet here it is

The one thing that haunts my dreams

Hate, anger and rage

Filtered through me into what I love

Nested in the very thing I protected

I turned my back and closed the door

Yet here it is

The one thing that mocked my happiness

Spite, darkness and  sadness

Finding love and feeling blessed

Holding the curtains wide open

Flooding my home with light

Yet here it is

Laying dormant what I fear most

Waiting to show me its unchanging face

Never far from its reach

Giving the choice to love what you hate

or hate what you love…

Yet here I am

Staring at ghosts through a phantom window

Unwilling to turn away

Allowing the air to be taken from room

Small fragments of my heart fall

Silent wishes piled high

Years have rolled by

Yet here we are

Your grip so tight

Me still wishing to be free





Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your stay and want to come back. Until then, be safe ----Noellie

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