Fresh Air

What are you most afraid of in life?

Is it an external enemy or one within?

Has someone hurt you so bad that scaring formed a hard shell around your heart?

Does your physical state bear witness to your past?

Will you ever proudly wear a battle wound to show your strength?

Can you ever share the experience to help others suffering fresh welts?

Where do you keep hidden the transgressors face?

Why must you keep the pain from an unwanted bestowal?

When will you purge the past that cultivates and nurtures deadly mold?

Are your dreams filled with wants of healing and peace?

It is okay to allow happiness and love into the shadows.

It is okay to walk away from what caused the darkness.

It is okay to accept the past and move into the future.

It is okay to open the windows for the cross breeze.

It is okay to enjoy the fresh air.

It is okay to feel again.



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