I want

I want to feel the rain on my skin

Coolness triggering electric bumps

I want to look up into the drops

Mixing with soft hidden tears

I want to outstretch my arms

Washing the day from my skin

I want to be deafened by touch

Sensing only running chills

I want to keep my eyes open

Seeing continuous falling sky

I want to breathe deeply

Tasting liquid life from the heavens

I want to be enraptured

Wrapped tightly in the moment

I want to feel alive

Giving freedom to my soul


7 thoughts on “I want”

  1. Like how a kid feels in rain!! Well done.

    On another matter, have you seen the documentary about Mr. Rogers? It is amazingly good. Called “Won’t You be My Neighbor.” I mention this because of the quote of his above in your blog..Good quote, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve seen a couple over the years on Mr. Rogers and all were wonderful, but I will double check that one in case I haven’t. thank you and yes I agree ‘How kids feel’ ..free in the rain.


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