Nothing says summer more then hearing the screams of Cicadas on a hot muggy night combined with the twinkle lights of fireflies all around.

Mimosa Tree

It is also called the Happiness Tree because of its use in traditional Chinese medicine.

Beaver Dam Road

What Beavers instinctively contribute as their part in natures giant circle of life is nothing short of construction genius, however, it can also be very destructive

A Bugs Life

Sometimes you’re the bug and other times you’re the windshield

Hibiscus Tree

I am so in love with the blooms on my Hibiscus tree

Fish On

Jeremy Wade is a biologist, extreme angler and writer specializing in travel and natural history


Historically hummingbirds were killed for their feathers, today they face different but equally devastating threats, habitat loss and destruction are today’s hummingbird’s main threat


Drop and go without care for what you placed over there