Misfortune and Love

How blessed am I

to be given misfortune to feel the pain

To be shown kindness to see its beauty

To be hurt by love to understand happiness

To be touched by loss to recognize a gift

To be taught how to hate to choose compassion

To be caught in storms to learn the sun breaks through

How blessed am I

to be given this life of misfortune and love


I came across this information and found it relates to my thoughts above: Peacock symbolism relates to beauty, balance, third eye perception, awakening, immortality, spirituality, self-confidence, awareness, leadership, self-love, and resurrection. Across many eastern traditions, the peacock resonates with patience, benevolence, and compassion.This bird is also remarkably beautiful, and symbolizes the healthy ego. While too much ego can be a bad thing, it is necessary to see your beauty and identify your strengths. Spiritual meaning of the peacock and its feather