A Stroke of Love

My father passed peacefully on January 10th 2021, Sunday at sunset

Cobbled with barbs

Forced to take a road you never saw

Cobbled with barbs and a broken heart

Tragic Poetry

I found an answer hidden on a hillside
Apart from new stones telling the same story


Look past the leather wings and claws

The barking guard dog has no bite

6 W’s

WHERE do you find comfort sleeping on a bed of nails


Long tentacles with poison thorns thrash about

Touching  innocence and those that never chose


Panic simmers beneath the skin

Can’t believe what is true

Your fathers God becomes your own

Beyond the Feeders IV

An eruption of glass and heavy blackness violently knock you to the ground. As your vision fades you hear the birds and see the image¬†beyond the feeders that lured you here…

Rex “The King”

Rex is Latin for King and a king he was to all of us. He was my friend, my confidant, my protector, my child, my responsibility and a part of my daily life I will forever miss.