In an abyss of misery a horrid monster dwells

Lapping from pools of  bleeding hearts

Nesting in tears and crushed dreams

Has a need to hoard stolen treasures

Cries of pain and anguish feed its ego

Gluttony rules its throne of pilfered souls

Never will it show prejudice or discriminate

Long tentacles with poison thorns thrash about

Touching  innocence and those that never chose

Leaving jagged and oozing scars that never heal

Dropping seeds of hate in those that loved

Begging for mercy only fuels it desire

Bites the hand reaching to help

Broken in pieces is just the beginning

Taking babies to watch the mother suffer

This Monster with an insatiable thirst

Goes by the name Addiction

Its one true love is Utter Destruction


I am so sorry to anyone that is living this nightmare or has to helplessly stand back and watch someone they love suffer an unbearable loss.




  1. This is so true.

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  2. The Count Gustaf says:

    This is beautiful. Brings back memories. What/who happened to you?


  3. It is the most inconvenient truth of all. A pharmacologist once wrote that meth cannot be blamed for the addiction of thousands. I wanted five minutes alone with him.

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    1. Noel Hartem says:

      It is a brutal truth that is as real as it gets

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