Cobbled with barbs

Standing Idle not by choice

How much can you endure

Reaching out but cannot touch

Wishing to conjure a magic spell

Time is an illusion as it goes by

Forward motion cannot happen

Open lash wounds from ghosted guilt

Pooling blood will not stop

There’s no healing a gift from hell

Forced to take a road you never saw

Cobbled with barbs and a broken heart

On you walk without a limp

Crying behind a wall you built

Lined the whole way

A beautiful work of art

Flowers still sprout

From love, you couldn’t withdraw


*I wrote this with faces in mind. Their hearts are broken, yet they still love. A gaping hole was carved from them, yet they still give. A sadness was placed in their laps, yet they still smile. I love and respect them, yet I cannot help.

Anyone that has suffered a loss and still plants flowers to bring beauty to another is giving the gift of kindness above all others.





  1. michnavs says:

    This is so matter how hurt one will always find its way

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