Beyond the Feeders III

Here in the pleasant dark, a flood of emotions rush to the front with a woeful longing to being felt.

Brown Bagged Lunches

I was alive and in the moment with my kids in the morning. I will always treasure my brown bagged moments.  

Embedded Debris

Will anyone see the pith that stumbled on embedded debris

Have a Swig

can I have a swig of my water before I die of thirst instead of from the stroke

Drooling Dogs

Never have I claimed to be a dog person, in fact I emphasize the opposite. I complain when they get their drool or wet noses on me. I get irritated when they don’t come the second you call them or eat something horrendously gross after you just bought a 50 dollar bag of dog food….

Social Networking

With one inquiring text message from my youngest adult daughter, the day went from a normal routine of charades communication with my father that has lost most of his articulating skills to a free flowing waterfall of incredible stories and memories.