I Suppose

Where do you place broken pieces of color?

I suppose I will one day display them with pride

until then I’ll hide them

beneath my mosaic collar

Cobbled with barbs

Forced to take a road you never saw

Cobbled with barbs and a broken heart

The Antidote

Watching with a tilted head
Wanting what it can never feel
Cowering as it festers on boils of disdain
Penetrating light burns it decaying flesh
A shield infused with Love and Kindness

Tracks in the snow

Today for the first time since this journey began, I was shown our bitter sweet reality in the most beautiful and gentle way


Look past the leather wings and claws

The barking guard dog has no bite

Beautiful & Ugly

Everything is good and what I’ve dreamed
Everything is wrong and not what we ever dreamed


Long tentacles with poison thorns thrash about

Touching  innocence and those that never chose

Beyond the Feeders IV

An eruption of glass and heavy blackness violently knock you to the ground. As your vision fades you hear the birds and see the image¬†beyond the feeders that lured you here…