Inherited Sea Legs

I need the rivers, lakes and ocean the same as I need air to breathe. It is my religion and faith.

Beaver Dam Road

What Beavers instinctively contribute as their part in natures giant circle of life is nothing short of construction genius, however, it can also be very destructive


Gliding wings feed on its generous bounty

Sustaining life to feet foraging the muddy banks

Dormant Heartbeats

Memories of dreams and playful hearts lay dormant under a blanket of ivy.

Morning dew

Delicately touching its splendor to bathe in reflective pearls of quenching dew

Sunset Junkie

It will never grow old…not until my final sunset, then that is where you can find me.

Beautiful Growth

As life sustains, while we hardly notice, it is busy writing a beautiful story of its growth