Inherited Sea Legs

Capt’ Fiz..nautical tats, pipe and all

My father was a sea captain my whole life, oyster, scallop, clam and fishing boats so as natural as learning to walk on solid ground I was born with sea legs that are the most comfortable with moving water below them. I need the rivers, lakes and ocean the same as I need air to breathe. It is a part of me that brings an inner peace and a sense of belonging like no other. It is my religion and faith.

Have you ever laid flat with your eyes closed on a body of water with the surface of your body exposed just above your ears? Floating freely-trusting-while you feel only cool liquid hands embracing your everything. The world above is muted by the soothing sounds below, allowing a deafening to awake inside. A deafening that speaks only of tranquility and peaceful momentary solitude. You feel yourself breathing. You feel alive. That is the only way I can describe to you the meaning of water to me.

And of course, with water comes fishing…

These are a few of my summer catches


  1. ivor20 says:

    You’ve made my day Noellie, a superb article that touched me deeply, what wondrous memories, and what a fabulous description of your love of the sea…. beautiful…. xx

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    1. Noellie says:

      Thank you so much ivor 😊You started my day with a smile

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  2. Jessica says:

    Nice fish!!! I need to get my fishing license and go. Love what you said about the peace of water. Water girl, myself.

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    1. Noellie says:

      Thanks 🙂 And definitely get yourself fishing!


      1. Jessica says:

        You’re welcome! And, deal!!

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  3. terryspear says:

    Love it! There’s just something about the water…

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