Moonlight madness

The moon rises as the light fades into darkness, casting shadows and fears of our lurking hidden childhood monsters

Fresh Air

When will you purge the past that cultivates and nurtures deadly mold?

Love is

Loving the imperfection of your perfect picture

See others

Once a barren desert of broken dreams

Now a field of desire and hope grows


It is also a place owned by all and that is where I begin….

Simple Act

Tears of hope roll down my dry cheeks

Wake Up

There is no face or sound to go with this predator after its prey, only the oppressing feeling of dire and the need to be free from its touch-less grip.

Breaking Bread

Maybe someday when this world is done hating each others differences we can all sit down and have a good laugh about it while we break bread together and make sure every person has a warm belly and full heart