Breaking Bread

Cooking and eating food is a part of life for every human being across the planet. Everyone needs food to nourish our bodies and keep us healthy. From the first step of acquiring the sustenance of choice to passing the bowl, each part of this ritual to survive has always been an intricate part of our social bonding. Whether you are a tribesman in the amazon forest bringing back an animal to feed your village, a farmer that will reap his crop to feed his local community or a grocery store in the city that sells to those that take home food for their own table, there is always a notion to feed and take care of others with the food you prepare and cook.Sharing food is a universal act with no language or cultural barriers. It is an unspoken communication and connection between human beings. People put the rules to what food one can and can not consume. What is deemed taboo or succulent. Which animal is sacred or fair game. The Breaking of Bread symbolizes, us as humans, coming together and being as one while we share in a meal with acceptance of all taking part.

Stripping away all the cloaks we are given from birth and left to stand bare with only food and water to share, the world would not have judgement against its neighbors, only a hand reaching out with half a loaf of bread to ensure nourishment and friendship to his fellow man.

We all have recently cooked or took part sharing in a meal cooked by people we care about and gave thanks around the table as we broke bread together. It is an anticipated ritual that brings joy and reminds us to love one another. It reconnects us after life takes us in different directions all year long. It rejuvenates our compassion for other people less fortunate or different then us.

I love cooking for my family and friends. I don’t do it as much as I did in the past when the kids were young and we ate as a family around the table every night, so when I get the chance to do so now, it brings me great pleasure. I thoroughly enjoy having everyone gather around my table or in my kitchen to break bread under my roof.

Maybe someday when this world is done hating each others differences we can all sit down and have a good laugh about it while we break bread together and make sure every person has a warm belly and full heart; but until then I hope you share a meal with someone that makes you smile.

*Pictures were taken from google. Unknown photographers


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