Wishes & Hopes

Well its official….I have embraced my inner old lady. New Years Eve  I was in my jammies by 8pm and fast asleep by 10pm. I woke up at 5am with no headache or questions about my behavior. (I’m still reminded to this day of some answers to those questions from years ago)  If I’m being honest, this actually started a few years ago but I was totally looking forward to intentionally getting under the comforter before midnight this year.

I have no New Years resolutions or new intentions of better eating, being kinder, etc etc…. I try all year to do those things the older I get. I suppose that’s why I don’t get excited about ringing in the new year as much as I did when I was young. I have learned that if you try to make every day a new years eve scenario then you can stick to your goals of being a better person, kissing and hugging loved ones more or putting healthier things into your body because the pressure is off your back to start and see it through, plus you really begin to enjoy the good feelings and responses it brings.

I do have wishes and hopes for this new year, however. I do wish peace to those with struggles, whether they are visibly obvious or hidden deep within their selves. I do hope people are kinder to each other and show compassion and understanding to others they have passed in the past. I do hope and wish for less sadness and hate in this world.

I truly do wish everyone a very Happy New Year


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  1. Wonderful wishes for the coming year, and this year is the first year in many a year we have stayed up to welcome the new year in.. Normally we are only awakened by the fireworks at midnight. But this year felt different, as if I needed to welcome in the changes we are all of seeking.

    Have a wonderful 2018.. and Beyond! ❤

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  2. Embracing her can be a good thing! I haven’t stayed up to see the New Year in for a long time now, although I still do stay up most evenings past nine which at 65 is pretty good. It has always been hard to wake up early in the morning. Have a wonderful 2018! Be well!

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  3. I embraced my inner old lady about 10 years ago and found that it helps me immensely – I don’t even have to worry about being a better, thinner person any more. Some may call it “settling,” I call it lowering the bar to an appropriate level. 🙂

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