A ballet of silhouettes endlessly dance above

Dreams are beckoned and set free

Inherited Sea Legs

I need the rivers, lakes and ocean the same as I need air to breathe. It is my religion and faith.

Beaver Dam Road

What Beavers instinctively contribute as their part in natures giant circle of life is nothing short of construction genius, however, it can also be very destructive

Dipped in Gold

We all need something to reboot our minds and souls, mine happens to be water surrounded by nothing but nature and color

Nautical Dogs

Four different breeds of dog that all enjoy the water and a leisure boat ride.


Historically hummingbirds were killed for their feathers, today they face different but equally devastating threats, habitat loss and destruction are today’s hummingbird’s main threat

Who knew…

Endearing twitchy nose

Roaming the nights

Continuous search for prey