What is a sister? By definition it is a female who has one or both parents in common with another, but as we all know, the bond of friendship and trust also defines a sister.

I was raised in a home with many siblings, some blood-some not, that came and went through the years. I have two blood sisters that share both the same parents as me. It’s odd even saying that statement out loud, actually, now that I am reading what I wrote. Today’s generation wouldn’t even bat an eye or question the meaning behind my words. It is assumed now that a family is mixed with many different parents. I am not placing judgement on this generation, just simply making an observation of noticed change in attitude and acceptance. There has always been a mixture among families, it just wasn’t talked about openly, but that’s a whole other blog I believe…..

As I was saying, my two sisters and I are of an age now where we can see where we came from and the landscape we traveled across to get where we are today. When life turns its ugly side to one of us or all three, we can sound off each other for advice or support. When life is good and there are happy moments, we can share and enjoy the good time. If there is just regular mundane life rolling along, I find that is the best to chat about or be present for because it’s even keel and normal. I like normal (what ever that means)

When you are young and trying to survive a childhood with adults that aren’t equipped them selves with a stable foundation of life coping skills, its hard to see the complete value in the meaning of a sister. You are running so fast away from the source of yourself that thinking about someone who has always been there doesn’t come into focus until you trip and fall flat. No matter where you or they are in their lives, a hand you held throughout childhood reaches through the smoke to helps you back on your feet. The older I get the more I appreciate my sisters and all that they are. Sisters fight and argue about so many things from the time they are born until young adults. They also are the first playmates and best friends you will have in life.

If you are lucky to have just one good friend in your life then that makes you the richest person in the world. I was worried about my youngest daughter in high school fitting in and making friends. One day after I told her to be nicer – she’s an outspoken cut and dry type- she turned to me and said, “Mom I would rather have four quarters then a hundred pennies”. I never lectured her again (on that subject). She was right and taught me a lesson I wished I had learned in high school.

I have sisters of the heart that love me unconditionally. I am lucky enough to have one that dates back 30+ years. We traveled our own roads and made our way through life. No matter the distance or time between us, the bond only grew stronger. We blinked and went from young girls to (almost) old ladies, just like that.

Sisterhood is bound by love, trust, friendship and acceptance not just blood. I do not take for granted that I am lucky to have both sides of hood. I am humbled and grateful to sit here and see the faces of all my sisters. Funny, serious, smart, smart ass, nervous nilly, super mom, energizer bunny and they all have a common denominator….Love and Acceptance

Blood is not always what binds or makes a family, it is love and compassion that fills the branches and leaves of your tree.