But you…

I want to feel you against me

but I will take the memory for now

Consequences & Actions

Why question the good if you don’t think about why something is happening. To be happy and grateful for the warmth and positive things in life are enough. Or is it?

Simple Act

Tears of hope roll down my dry cheeks

Copious Amounts

Think about a world with COPIOUS AMOUNTS of: Love; Generosity; Compassion; Understanding; Friendship; Perseverance; Acceptance; Helping Hands; Energy; Forgiveness; Self Reliance; Selflessness and True Hearts

A Low Tide Friend

Having a friend that will walk the low tides of life with you is nothing short of a miraculous gift from the heavens.


Blood is not always what binds or makes a family, it is love and compassion that fills the branches and leaves of your tree

Laugh ’til you Pee

It is like hot lava’s pouring through your veins and the clothes you’re wearing are the anti-Christ