Manly Men

Lets put the children first by teaching them how to be manly men and women with examples of Loyalty, Dignity, Kindness, Compassion, Integrity, Honesty, Hard Work and most of Love.

Fresh Air

When will you purge the past that cultivates and nurtures deadly mold?

Love is

Loving the imperfection of your perfect picture


running fast as you trip along the way

Restless Spirit

Trapped in a world you resented
Broken free from a cage built with love
I see now it was never meant to be

Breaking Bread

Maybe someday when this world is done hating each others differences we can all sit down and have a good laugh about it while we break bread together and make sure every person has a warm belly and full heart

Copious Amounts

Think about a world with COPIOUS AMOUNTS of: Love; Generosity; Compassion; Understanding; Friendship; Perseverance; Acceptance; Helping Hands; Energy; Forgiveness; Self Reliance; Selflessness and True Hearts

Flawless Hands

The two have formed one not knowing how to live without the other

A Perfect Family

By definition you can not have perfect with difference.
The Irony of it all is without difference you can not have perfection.