Love without a name

There is a saying that I heard my whole life as a child. It goes something like this; “Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.” There is a full quote that goes along but you get the point.

I enjoy writing about good things, as we all have sadness that happens in our lives, so sharing the happy just makes sense for making the world a better place. We keep things close to our hearts that cause the most hurt and pain for the simple reason that it belongs to us and no one else, at least for me this rings true. dad and igor

In prior posts, I have talked about my father and how his stroke has changed all our lives. I like to share when he has a milestone or we had fun doing something together. Bad days seem to be outweighing the good ones as time moves on and the stroke takes more of a toll on his body and mind coupled with the process of aging. He recently had one of the ‘not so good days’ that I would like to share;

My father woke up muddled and a little confused when trying to line up his thoughts properly. He struggled with pulling the proper words he wanted to use. Taking our time as he struggled to get out of bed and into his wheelchair, I told him once he got his blood pumping and a fresh face on, then his brain would follow and all would be fine. I kept my own worries silent as I knew he didn’t look right and today would be a little different then most tough days.

Once his morning routine was complete and sat listening to his bible while I cooked breakfast, I heard him calling to me in a mumbled voice. This is how part of the conversation went…

Me: “Hey dad did you call me.”

My dad, as he looked up at me with worry and upset in his eyes: “I know that I love you, I really do, but I just don’t know your name.”

Me: “I know you do dad, I really do.”

All I could do was kiss him on the forehead and leave the room. He has called me different names before until he finally got to mine or my name being verbalized there was recognition. This was different because he truly had no recall of any name for me. I could see the fright and concern in his eyes. My father is fully aware of what is happening to his mind and body.

I felt sadness for my dad but, also, my heart was full because I felt his love without a name. Even on the worst days there are the best moments.

The next few days were better with good articulation and memory recall. He even wants to take a road trip to Pigeon Forge Tennessee with his girlfriend and do some fishing in the spring.

gone fishin with dad
Perch fishing with dad. He refused to bring his wheelchair on the boat


  1. Mz&Cho says:

    You are truly an inspiration! Thank you for sharing this post with us.

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    1. Noellie says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read.

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  2. Renee Espriu says:

    I admire your father and that he ‘knows’ of his difficulties but doesn’t let it all keep him from trying. My own dad had dementia and now at 95 he has, as you say, good days and bad days…depending really on how much sleep he has had and so forth. He lives in California where I saw him last August and though conversations are a bit sad at times, when he makes a joke or laughs at something I’ve said, I know he is (as I say) ‘still in there’. He has forgotten that my mom is gone some eleven years now but it is only a moment and then he is asking the same questions over and over and making comments on something long past. But he knows it is me calling and still says he loves me before I end the call. I love that your dad, on a good day, still feels good enough to go fishing. I hope for him all the best and that there is yet many good years for him to come. Take care.

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    1. Noellie says:

      Thank you and I hope much peace and love to you and your dad. ❀️I am looking forward to the chance of fishing with my dad again.

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  3. Christy B says:

    By sharing your family’s story, you will help many people, Noellie xx

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  4. Mary Mangee says:

    I am so happy that you are able to feel the love with no name. These moments are very precious. Keep them close to your heart. God bless your Dad and you. Love doesn’t need any words.

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    1. Noellie says:



  5. Imelda says:

    Thanks for sharing. I wish both if you well.

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    1. Noellie says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚πŸ’•

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