Pigeon Forge, TN

Little Pigeon River that runs through the Smokey Mountains

Recently I took a trip to Pigeon Forge Tennessee with my father and his girlfriend. He is an 82 year old stroke survivor that still wants to travel like he did before his life was altered. The doctors finally gave him the green light to go, so within a week we packed the truck and headed south. I was the chauffeur, kind of like driving Ms. Daisy and her man. Our plan was to stay ten days but by the seventh day his mind and body began to dictate that we return home. Honestly, he lasted longer then I thought he would. My wish is that we will be able to go on another adventure before he goes to be with his mother and brother, which is his hearts desire, but until then I hope he continues to live his life to the fullest. I am glad and fortunate to have made this memory with my father. We toured the whole area, including Gatlingburg and the Smokey Mountains. Beautiful scenery that I highly recommend if you ever get the chance.


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    To Love and be Loved is so wonderful❤️.

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