Every Storm Passes


We are all a work in progress. We are all given lessons to learn. We are all imperfect.  We are all subject to pain and judgement. We are all pumping blood through a powerful heart that can generate love and hate. We are all capable of changing a small piece of our world for the better or worse. We are all free to choose what path to walk and whom to share the journey alongside.

Not long ago I realized that half of my life was wasted on the negative aspects in my world. Blaming others for my mistakes. Trying to control behavior and elements that were not relevant to my health or growth as a human-being. Self loathing and envy to what I thought was perfection. Replaying an unchanging past. Dwelling on wounds that needed to heal. Harboring the hate instead of nourishing the love. Allowing darkness to dominate rather then the light I ignored.

Once I began to shed all that was weighing me down, it became a race against myself to rid all the baggage I willingly hoarded inside. Everything in view began to change and transform into bright colors with wonderful potential. Life never stopped doling out struggles or painful events but how I came through to the other side did. Chalk it up as experience or just tired of feeling stressed about things I can not control, but I allowed my focus to center on the little positive things while the big negative thing ran its course.

Every storm passes is old wisdom that stands relevant for every generation. The older I get the more I hear the meaning behind the words. I can only hope my children and others understand these words far sooner then I did.

This is just my rambling thoughts for today but truly hope someone takes the meaning to heart and finds calmness during a storm.

calm storm




  1. Mary Mangee says:

    This is a very inspiring post. I too have learned to spin things around and finally heal from the past. The best way around the hard times is to go straight through them. There are many pearls of nourishment along the way. I’ve finally been able to release the past, the what-ifs, and the regret. I am stronger today than ever before.

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    1. Noellie says:

      thank you very much and you perfectly said what I was thinking. I suppose that is why you never hear the phrase ‘wise young man’, it is always ‘wise old man’… experience through life as you age gives you the wisdom we are learning. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.


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