It’s just a dog……

Missing my friend today. He was faithful and loving. He was our protector and playmate. Accepting his premature death was something I did because in life, that is necessary.  Adjusting to not having him in my daily routine of living is much harder then I expected. Tomorrow will be better but for today, I’m missing my Rex.

I have no poem or story to share today. Just a few memories of a dog that added love to each day he was alive. Thank you to each one that took the time to read  this because you understand the loss of ‘just a dog’…….


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  1. You have lost a family member, friend, probably confidante … and it will take time to adjust. You have, without doubt, so many happy moments that you can recall, so please try and focus on those times. Being a dog,,. that is what he would want from you. R.I.P. Rex.

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  2. Oh my, how I do understand!! I lost my beloved Perri decades ago but I still remember the pain of it. And I ended a friendship over it. We were 15, my friend and I, at the time. When I said I didn’t want to go shopping with her because I was still mourning him (this was less than a week after his death), she said: “Well it’s *just* a *dog”! Said with such disdain, I’ll never forget it. :’-( Take all the time you need, Noel. And you will never forget.

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  3. What a beautiful boy Rex was. So sorry you had to say such a premature goodbye. You’ve just passed the one-year mark and I’m sure Rex is as solidly in your heart as ever. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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