Through the timber

and across the lake

   Haunting loon cries call

ravens begin to echo warn

I want

I want to be deafened by touch

Sensing only running chills

Missing you

Deep breaths

Slowly exhale

Savoring what lingers

In the air

I Suppose

Where do you place broken pieces of color?

I suppose I will one day display them with pride

until then I’ll hide them

beneath my mosaic collar

Innocent eyes

soothing words of comfort

a fast beating heart

slowly connects

rhythms of two

become one pulse


Drop and go without care for what you placed over there

Live & Die

Tenderness cradles the fragile

Breath so sweet with breast

Who knew…

Endearing twitchy nose

Roaming the nights

Continuous search for prey


Shackled to a love that drives a need