A coat that shines

Curled in the chair

Brown coat shines

Chestnut eyes stare

Ears twitch at each sound

Nose points up

Smells all around

Grabbing my hat as I open the door

He’s at my heel

It is me, he’d give his life forMjo


  1. dorannrule says:

    What a beauty! And your poem is so sweet it makes me want to cry.

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    1. Noellie says:

      😊💕thank you


  2. magarisa says:

    So touching!

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  3. Robyn Haynes says:

    Nothing beats the unconditional love of a dog

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  4. Mary Mangee says:

    There’s nothing like the love of a puppy. Dog’s give us such a great quality of life. They love unconditionally and are loyal beyond comprehension.

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    1. Noellie says:

      Agreed! ❤️


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