Temporary Blindness

Some instincts were created as part of a defense mechanism and they are no longer needed but they are still there laying low beneath the surface of your smile.

Hands of Time

Was loving and protective

Knew hate and caused harm

A Pane Apart

You’re staring through the window pane

Blind to me, I’m not yet to be

Perpetual Tides

Collecting broken pieces when the water ebbs to its lowest point so you can admire and see the value of them when the tide is high


Patience, Love, Understanding and Depression go Hand in Hand like the bright beam of a Lighthouse that shines the way through darkness to find safe shores.

Drooling Dogs

Never have I claimed to be a dog person, in fact I emphasize the opposite. I complain when they get their drool or wet noses on me. I get irritated when they don’t come the second you call them or eat something horrendously gross after you just bought a 50 dollar bag of dog food….