Beach beauties

panoramic sunset at East Point light house
Panoramic of sunset at East Point Light house

Exploring little things in the belly of a big thing is never disappointing. I love to find the humor or unique beauty in where and how they have come to rest. I have walked this beach hundreds of times finding something new and interesting with each visit. It is a place that brings me comfortable and familiar feelings of nostalgic beauty. My daughters ran on this beach with their childhood dogs and friends; now my grandchildren do. I walk with my adult daughters when they come to visit and I can still see their little faces running up to me with big eyes and hands extended showing me what wonderful treasures they have found. Its a strange mix of emotions that stir inside of me when I walk alone listening to laughter that still lingers in the blowing reeds and lapping waves. Those memories on the beach will always be my best beach beauty finds.

golden glow on forgotten walls

brick filled with pebbles
Old Brick filled with ancient pebbles
sand crabs Arabian desert
King Triton’s Moroccan conk
bigthaw (13)
coral condos
bigthaw (9)
Rock climbing
Brains of sand
bigthaw (18)
King crab thrown from his throne
bigthaw (15)
reed root that resembles a dead mouse
bigthaw (32)
Did the Kraken lose a molar?

10 thoughts on “Beach beauties”

  1. Noellie,
    Such treasures to be found and I also love how the beach is ever-changing and ephemeral. Our kids are still young and at home, but I always think of going to the beach as a child with my parents and my mum coming to the beach with the kids and I when they were younger and she was too. So many memories…
    Best wishes,

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      1. You’re welcome Noellie. I treasure my memories going to the beach with my mum and Dad and how my mum used to go to the beach with the kids when they were smaller. Mum doesn’t go swimming any more and is slowing down. That is also a difficult point of adjustment.

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