Broken Heart

The heart knew it was no longer needed so it stopped beating to free the soul from its suffering. The hearts greatest act of love…….

Laugh ’til you Pee

It is like hot lava’s pouring through your veins and the clothes you’re wearing are the anti-Christ


You are not responsible for the angry choices of others, only your own.

Have a Swig

can I have a swig of my water before I die of thirst instead of from the stroke


Patience, Love, Understanding and Depression go Hand in Hand like the bright beam of a Lighthouse that shines the way through darkness to find safe shores.

Smoothie Living

In recent years I made a life style change in what I consume to help with my aging body (I’m still considered a youngin’ in some circles). I found that my knees and other body parts were aching more frequent then not plus some extra pounds found their way to my bottom end, so I…